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11.02.2011: Notice on change in major holding

Arco Vara AS notifies of a change in the structure of persons having a major holding in Arco Vara AS.
The Management Board of Baltplast OÜ informed Arco Vara AS that starting from 11.02.2011, Baltplast OÜ owns 18.9805% of Arco Vara AS shares. Thus, the number of Arco Vara AS shares in the ownership of Baltplast OÜ has reduced to less than 20% of issuer’s share capital.
Established in 1992, Arco Vara is one of the leading real estate development companies in the Baltic countries. The main activity of the company is real estate development, supported by appraisal, construction and real estate administration.
The company has offices in 17 cities in Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.
Lembit Tampere
Member of the Management Board
Arco Vara AS
Tel: +372 614 4630             
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