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You can come to Arco Real Estate with any real estate questions and we will provide understandable, valuable, and actionable answers. Our answers base on long-term experience in real estate sector and on market analysis.
Our experts: Estonia (call us: +372 614 4600), Latvia (call us: +371 6736 5555) and Bulgaria (call us: +359 2 950 3888).

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Arco Real Estate started purchasing, selling and leasing real estate in 1992 in Tallinn. Today, the company has grown into an international group that is operating in three countries: Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria, in a total of 18 cities. In all countries, full real estate service package is being offered starting from market analysis and real estate valuation, price analysis, legal consultation, up to sales or finding best usage for your real estate.

Dive, a survey agency for the performance of service companies, evaluated the performance of Arco Real Estate real estate agents in 2014 as professional.

Our experts: Estonia (call us: +372 614 4600), Latvia (call us: +371 6736 5555) and Bulgaria (call us: +359 2 950 3888).


We have an overview of market situation both in residential and business premises sectors. Thanks to this knowledge, we are able to offer best prices both for apartments and office premises, depending on the expected sales period. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are going to sell or buy real estate. Our professional agents meet your expectations.

Contact our team in Estonia (call us: +372 614 4600), Latvia (call us: +371 6736 5555), Bulgaria (call us: +359 2 950 3888).

Arco Real Estate agents are devoted to finding a reliable tenant for your residential or commercial premises. For this purpose, we thoroughly check the background of tenants and prepare legally sound agreements. We also advise you on how to achieve the best leasing price.

Contact our team in Estonia (call us: +372 614 4600), Latvia (call us: +371 6736 5555), Bulgaria  (call us: +359 2 950 3888).

Arco Real Estate offers valuation services since 1994. We have agreements with all bigger Estonian credit institutions, which means that all banks recognize Arco Real Estate's valuation reports. If you need a valuation report for selling or buying a residential space, or the market value of your commercial space for financial reporting, contact our team.

Arco Real Estate's valuators prepare market reviews about Estonian, Latvian and Bulgarian real estate markets on a regular basis.

Contact our team in Estonia (call us: +372 614 4600), Latvia (call us: +371 6736 5558), Bulgaria (call us: +359 2 917 3083).

Look Arco Vara's own development projects

Arco Real Estate started its first big real estate development project in 1995 when the development of the Veskimöldre residential area, today stretching on 80 hectares and a valued living environment in Tallinn, began.
Arco Real Estate built semi-detached houses, individual house plots with communications, apartment houses and row houses in Veskimöldre. Today, we are carrying out development projects in Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria, focusing on apartment houses. Over the decades, we have built homes for thousands of people in the three countries.
You can view our finished projects here and ongoing real estate developments here.

Strategic goals of real estate development at Arco Vara:
• Concentration on three markets – Estonia, Latvia, and Bulgaria with the focus on their capital cities.
• The annual ROE of every new development project has to be at least 20%.
•  Focusing on medium or volume developments (depending on market size: 50+ units) and equity investment of 2+ million euros.
• Taking advantage of the service division's valuable experience of 22 years – market analyses, customer and transaction bases

Real estate development services
• Market research – answers various questions, such as:

  • What areas clients prefer when looking to buy a new residential unit? 
  • What are the new residential premises bought in a particular area like (apartments, row houses, individual houses)? What residential premises would be marketable in this area? 
  • What conditions should a residential project meet?
  • What are the market prices of existing projects in the area? What are the trends concerning market prices?
  • Who are the competitors? What are their projects lacking? What might be a competitive advantage?

• Architecture and planning – applying for required permits and approvals, preparation of documentation, organising architectural contests
• Marketing – creation of stories and conceptions for development projects, preparation of marketing communication plans, organisation of sales support, PR promotion of development projects, organisation of events
• Finance and cost-benefit analysis
• Management of real estate development process
Brokerage of development project – our long-term experience in real estate sales, and the competent team ensure a targeted sales process meeting the expectations. We continuously monitor sales activity and fulfilment of plans, and prepare reports.

In order to get an offer or additional information, contact our team in Estonia (call us: +372 614 4630), Bulgaria (call us: +359 2 950 3888).